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Material Handling brings NEW SHOW to the ATL in 2012!

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When the Material Handling Industry of America decided to bring its new biennial trade show – MODEX – to Atlanta in 2012, it wasn’t just because of the city’s famed southern hospitality. It also was a strategic move the association had been considering for a while because of the Panama Canal expansion that is scheduled to be completed in 2014 and the expected major impact that will occur within the material handling sector as a result.

“We see the expansion of the Panama Canal to […]

The Value of Value – What Can It Do For You?

Quote of the Month
September 2010

“Value-oriented services, the adding of value through services, will be the catalyst that will lead us out of this down economy. This has been the reality in exiting down turns in the past.  It will be the turn today as well.”

–Rick Bellerjeau – Momentum Management

What is an EAC letter?

One question you will be posed with in the trade show industry is “Have you turned in your EAC form?”  If you are new to the industry – or just new to the I&D part of the industry – you may not know what exactly an EAC form is!  Allow us to explain.

Thanks to one of our great sales reps, Kaete, for putting this information together.
EAC Letter

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Letter
Non Official Contractor Form
Notification of Intent to Use Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
An EAC letter or Exhibitor Appointed Contractor letter informs the general contractor (and or convention facility) that there will be someone […]

Are your graphics working for you?


A New Perspective on Graphics – Christine Farmer, Senior Convention Manager, sanofi-aventis US.

Traditional advice about planning exhibit graphics is to think of billboards: after all, is driving down the highway all that different from walking down the aisle at a convention? In both cases, images attract and connect us to the company or product portrayed.

At conventions, graphics give attendees instant visual input to make a decision: Do I want to stop here and pursue a face-to-face relationship with this company or this brand? More than we care to admit, […]