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DEADLINE EXTENDED! Momentum Management’s $1,000 Apple Store Giveaway!

We are extending our deadline for our Trade Show Tips Contest!  If you sent in your tips last week, please resend them to to make sure we received them!  New deadline is June 8 at 12 noon.  THANK YOU!  

Momentum Management’s $1,000 Apple Store Giveaway!

Momentum Management works hard to educate our customers with as much useful information as possible in our monthly e-blasts. One email we get the most comments on is “Gaining Momentum – Tips from the Tradeshow Floor.” In this email, we give our customers a few tips on ways to make life on the show floor a bit easier. (If you’d like to sign up for our email list to receive these monthly e-blasts, click here.)

So how about a challenge? Most of our great ideas come from our customers. What we are offering you is a chance to win a $1,000 […]