What is the most important concept, person, place or thing to our success and well being as human beings? (That’s a big question!)

In reality… we believe that the most important concept on earth is TRUTH.

The greatest TRUTH we can share with anyone we come in contact with is that we are a Christian-owned and Christian-operated company. Our owner, Randy Bott, has built Momentum Management on Biblical principles and convictions. Momentum strives to be an “others-first”, “high integrity” group of people to work with. If we can ever pray for you, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

If you’d like more information on the truth that literally changed Randy’s life you can click on the links below.

Meet Our Company Chaplain

IMG_6341-001We are pleased to announce Eric Helms as Momentum Management’s Company Chaplain.

Eric is the head of “Driven To Encourage Ministries” and travels the country fulltime speaking to men and women of all ages. He is also devoted to ministering to all of Momentum’s employees.

If you’d like more information about Eric, please go to his ministry’s website at and if you’d like to contact him, you can email him at