Momentum Management – A Place To Be Thankful (A Letter From Randy)

Having lived through the inevitable obstacles and challenges that any company would that has spanned 25 years, we all stand in awe of what has been given and what has been accomplished here at Momentum Management. It’s humbling to know that the goal of simply wanting to do the right thing for the right reasons every day could bless so many. That being said, I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the journey.

When Vicki and I founded Momentum Management 25 years ago, we felt it was important to deliver incredible services to our customers and create a place that the people we work with can call home. This required us to think differently than those who we have the privilege to compete with; therefore, we strive daily to exceed expectations both internally and externally. To every employee, customer, and partner who has committed to join us on this amazing journey, we owe a debt of gratitude -THANK YOU!

As we look forward, we feel that our best days are in front of us due to the outstanding work we have accomplished and the commitment we bring to the job site every day. We strive to be different in a good way and maintain our core values of doing what is right for all the right reasons for our customers and our employees.

Many of you have contributed to the success of Momentum Management over the past 25 years and for that we are forever grateful. We would love to hear from you. Please send any notes, memories, comments, feedback, or even a question you may have directly to me at

What an honor,
Randy Bott