Momentum Management – A Place To Multiply (A Letter From Randy)

A principled life multiplies. In Jeremiah 29, God uses this principle to encourage his people to live a fruitful life by multiplying their families, businesses, and activity within their community. He is explaining that multiplying and prospering is not about us as individuals; it’s about serving others.

Momentum follows this unique approach to encourage its employees to realize their potential. This potential is born out of a servant leader’s heart to always bring the very best to our customers. In an industry where service is the absolute necessity of success, we strive each and every day to create the best experience imaginable for our exhibit house partners.

Momentum made a decision to focus on exhibit houses exclusively and remains a focused company; meaning all we do every day is work on making our labor services better. We’re not distracted by trying to service everybody or cultivate dreams of being something that we’re not. What we strive to be is the country’s best labor services company serving the exhibit house community in our industry coast to coast. We get up every morning with that goal fixated in our minds. Therefore, again, we return to the original theme we introduced earlier this year of gratitude. We are so grateful for the opportunity that so many of you have given us to serve you. Perhaps this explains some of the incredible growth that we’ve experienced over these wonderful 25 years.

Randy Bott
Matthew 6:33