A New Approach

Customer Focused

Momentum Management is a unique labor services company with a coherent customer centric system that is designed to foster partnership. This unique approach is what sets us apart from other labor companies and reflects our commitment of raising the service standard across the industry.

Our Approach

Momentum Management has carefully integrated 24 years of trade show labor service experiences with proven technologies and proprietary processes that allow us to be flexible, repeatable, and scalable with positive results across the country. This distinctive systemized approach allows us to become a true extension of your business. Our goal is to build something great together and enhance your experience on the trade show floor. We do this by delivering outstanding people on and off the show floor to ensure your company’s success.

It is our corporate philosophy that our core expertise, together with our partners, allows customers to experience performance on the show floor or special event that is second to none.  It is the synergy of our collective expertise, experience, and commitment that makes working with us special.

With our main focus on exhibit houses across the country, we have been able to create a nationwide system of consistent deliverables. With your first meeting with Momentum Management, you will be introduced to our partnership programs which allow us to create positive and repeatable results at each and every show you attend.

Our Services

Here at Momentum, it’s our goal to ‘Build Something Great Together’ by establishing a long lasting partnership with our clients for years to come. Our unique approach to partnership hinges on the idea that we place you as our customer in the center of every thought. Your needs are unique. Our system identifies those critical areas and unifies a process of delivery that allows us to deliver that experience in every location you display your brand.

Our services include installation, dismantle and supervision for:

  • Trade shows
  • Permanent installs (Banks, Museums, Etc)
  • Temporary installs (Mall displays, Store casing)
  • Road shows
  • Special events
  • Corporate meetings and events
  • Retail interiors

Momentum Management is Nationwide

Experience peace of mind knowing that Momentum Management will take care of your event no matter where your booth is. Our delivery system enhances all installs based on the careful approach in “designing” your tradeshow labor experience. By focusing on the entire experience: pre-show, show, and post show, Momentum Management gets stronger after every set.